Remote Control

This page refers to services which have changed.

Please call us on 0161 483 6656 to discuss remote support options

What is Remote Control

This page allows us to take remote control of a customer’s PC upon being given consent.

Many software (and some hardware) problems can be resolved via this method, this saves you the time and expense of us travelling to the location.

In effect the only time being paid for is our time fixing the computer. (or free if you have a support contract with us)

The computer does need to be running Windows 7 or higher and requires a working internet connection.

Our current rates for out of contract remote support are £25+VAT (£30) for each half hour. For further details (and often immediate support) please contact us on 0161 483 6656.

How it works

Our remote control software is Logmein Rescue.

This is a premium remote control product deployed via a small application program.

After you type the 6 digit code we give you in to the box in the next panel, it will download a small application to your computer specifically tied to that code.

You will need to RUN this application, which if you use Chrome means finding it at the bottom left of the browser and double clicking, or finding the download page in Firefox and Edge and running it from there.

if you have Internet Explorer you should be able to run the program directly after downloading by selecting run.

Once the connection process starts we will talk you through the various security warnings that will appear before we share your screen, mouse and keyboard with you watching.

Your 6 digit code

Please enter the 6 digit code we give you over the phone into the box below, then click connect to technician.

Enter your 6-digit PIN code:

The button will take you to logmeinrescue where our small support program will download.

Warning about fraudsters

Remote control gives a technician the capability of completely controlling a remote machine.

While thats great for fixing problems remotely, its also dangerous if you don’t know who the technician really is.

Common frauds rely on tricking people in to starting these sort of connections and once in, the fraudsters can install software, encrypt data, lock you out of your machine or convince you to pay for a fake support package.

So next time you get a pop up or phone call claiming to be from a security company, Microsoft, Google, Talk Talk, your bank or some other big company, be very suspicious.

In general don’t trust connections or conversations you have not started, no proper support companies ring up or contact you unless you already have an arrangement to pay them.