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Covid 19 December 2020 update:

Services will be again available in store and remote from 2nd December (remote before then):

Fully configured desktops and laptops: pre 2nd on a ring and collect basis 2nd and after: in store under social distancing rules.

IT equipment sales: pre 2nd on a ring and collect basis 2nd: and after in store under social distancing rules.

IT servicing: Drop off, 2 day delay for quarantine, serviced then collect.

Remote IT servicing/fixes. Ring us, remote session, pay by card (from £30). We can Zoom, Teams, Skype and Whatsapp if you want to talk face to face.

Simple IT advice: We charge for consultancy but are happy to initially assist for free.

Unfortunately our shop as a retail location until the 2nd December when we will again re-open for browsing.

Before the 2nd you may still drop off, order and collect items. We will be offering our full services (repair, maintenance, phone support, configuration) on this basis.

For this to operate you will need to talk to us and arrange an appointment. The premises is likely to be shuttered if no appointments are booked.

When picking up we will be practising safe distancing and face mask wearing. Any machines prepared, serviced or supplied will be done so by gloved and masked staff with minimal contact to any packaging.

You can book appointments or talk to us, Please call 0161 483 6656

We can provide many software services remotely via remote login or telephone assistance. Pricing starts at £30 for 1/2 an hour. Please call us if you want help, many problems have been solved this way throughout 2020.

Any machines that we get in for servicing and require switching on, will need to be quarantined for 2 days before we can work on them, as computers pump air and we work in enclosed spaces.

Hopefully these rules will keep everyone safer and allow us to help you with your PC problems as before.

Thank You

Phil Errington (owner). 12/6/2020 updated 2/10/20, 5/11/20 and 27/11