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Posted 19th December 2019

Scams, fake support and why you should never trust authorities calling or emailing you.

We’ve seen a worrying rise in scammers ringing or emailing customers over the last year. I’d even go to say its the biggest rise in crime I’ve ever had experience of. more …..

Posted 20th August 2018

We Are Too Small To Be A Target!

“We are too small to be a target!”

We have often heard this phrase, but while it might be true of a Foreign Government or Intelligence agency, it really is not true of the average cyber attack nowadays.

Criminals are using automatic systems to attack IP addresses more …..

Posted 11th February 2017

Reduce your rights to a non-admin to prevent malware installing

One of the best ways you can up the security of a system is not running a day to day account as an administrator. Admins have rights to change the system and install programs. These rights can be passed on to applications that run from the internet more …..

Posted 29th August 2016

Why use professional IT companies.

Its a bane of every IT provider’s life when they hear the “friend up the road/ daughters boyfriend/ guy I know from the pub/etc. helped me try to “fix” my PC and now it’s even more broken.” more …..

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