Laptops/Notebooks are now fantastic portable computers. offering high performance with longer battery life than a few years ago.

Our business laptops are designed around security, to help prevent data leak scenarios, which are business damaging both from a reputation and legal point of view.

Why our Notebooks?

The modern PC industry is based on production of systems in low cost environments, using mass produced components, to a carefully specified design, made a few months before shipment, with disk images of software sometimes woefully out of date by the time a consumer plugs it in.

For this not to be a serious security problem, many updates need applying before the machine is exposed to the internet. This can sometimes take up to a few days to complete and requires knowledge of what to do.

When we supply a computer we take the risk and difficulty out of this process as:

  • We pick good systems from the thousands of specifications available. We don’t sell underpowered, cheap, low lifespan systems.
  • We un-box, test and update systems.
  • Junk files and apps are cleaned up and the machines optimised.
  • Machines are made ready to use immediately on the rather un-safe place known as the internet.
  • We are not the cheapest, but you will get a safer, better machine than usual from us.

15.6″ Home Notebook

Lenovo v130

Lenovo v130 15.6″ home notebook

  • Good home machine with Full HD display
  • Intel i3 7020u dual core with hyperthreading
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM(1slot free,max 12GB)
  • 120GB M.2 SSD 5-10 times faster
  • 1920×1080 TN FHD, 2xUSB3, HDMI
  • Gigabit ethernet,Wireless a/c/n
  • DVD-RW
  • Configured with updates and pre-optimised.
  • Windows 10 home
  • 6hr battery runtime,  1.8kg
  • fast, light, great for home use.

£375+VAT = £450 inc. VAT

15.6″ Business laptop

Acer P259

Acer P259 15.6″  business laptop

  • Solidly built business class laptop
  • Intel i3 7020u dual core cpu
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM, 120GB fast M.2 SSD
  • TPM chip, for easier GDPR compliance
  • 1366×768 TN, 1xUSB2, 2x USB3, 1xC
  • Gigabit ethernet, Wireless a/c/n, Bluetooth
  • Intel HD graphics620, VGA, HDMI, DVDRW
  • Configured with updates and pre-optimised.
  • Win10 Pro, encrypted and BIOS locked
  • 5hrs battery runtime, 2.4kg,
  • Great secure modern business machine
  • Video here

£429.27+VAT = £515 inc. VAT

13.3″ High Performance

Acer P238 13.3″ high performance

  • Fast and easily portable, great for travel
  • Intel i5 7200u dual core HT cpu
  • 8 GB DDR SDRAM, 240GB M.2 SSD
  • TPM chip, for easier GDPR compliance
  • 2xUSB2, 1×3.0, 1×3.1 (type C)
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless A/C/N, BTooth
  • Intel HD graphics 620, 1366×768, HDMI
  • Configured with updates and pre-optimised.
  • Win10 Pro, encrypted and BIOS locked
  • Up to 12hrs battery runtime, only 1.6kg,
  • Light, thin, secure business machine

£524.17+VAT = £629 inc. VAT