Business Services

Fixing rubbish email.

Are you still using out of date email services that slow you and/or your colleagues down, don’t synchronise activity between devices, don’t share data and cause problems when people are ill or on holiday?

We fix and modernise email systems so they work for you rather than being a hindrance.

Modernising your IT.

Do you require some help modernising to the “cloud”, which truly enables remote/hybrid working, easy sharing of data and collaboration?

Expert help on call and working for you with our support plans.

Do you want IT experts looking after your IT equipment and managing security for you?

Your own IT department at a low cost (again with support plans.).

Do you desire an IT department ready to help within minutes?

Disaster recovery planning.

Do you want the peace of mind that your data is backed up in case of disaster and staff and policies are in place for when you are attacked?

Collaborative and dispersed data sharing.

Do you need to access your contacts/email/calendars/documents/pictures and other data, from multiple locations for multiple people and in multiple ways?

Fast and Easy Computers provides IT solutions to address these questions, for surprisingly affordable prices.

“Pay as you go” business services

We provide one off on demand IT services to retail and business customers at our Hazel Grove shop.

These include:

  • Fully prepared new machines
  • On-site installations
  • Windows re-installations
  • Machine servicing and optimising
  • Wireless network setups
  • On-site broadband troubleshooting
  • Drop in repairs
  • Data recovery and transfers
  • Website/Domain issues resolution
Example pricing:
  • Drop in inspection/small fixes £30 inc VAT
  • Drop off, more extensive servicing £68-£98 inc VAT.
  • Onsite Business Services from £65+VAT/hr (min 1 hr).

Microsoft 365 deployment and management

Microsoft 365

Want enterprise class email, cloud storage and sharing services such as Microsoft Teams? Then Microsoft 365 ticks the boxes.

A Microsoft 365 deployment can make your business more efficient look more professional and most recently, critically allow collaboration on work by multiple people, either remotely or in the office.

Simple affordable IP Phones

VoIP Phones

Voice over IP (VoIP) offers fully featured phone systems at affordable prices.

We can provide or take over the lines, transfer your numbers or set you up afresh without the complication or stress.

Remote/hybrid working solutions

Working from home, on the road, in a hotel or even “on holiday” we can provide solutions to help.

Cloud computing image

Security is paramount when remote working and our solutions take this in to account.