Comparisons of processor speeds and graphics card speeds.

The speed of components chosen in gaming systems can be significant to performance.

Here we list the raw speeds of components which you can choose in our gaming systems. This is a rough comparison for mid-range equipment where items are fairly balanced. Putting a very fast graphics card with a slower processor (or vice-versa) is not recommended as it will not be effective as a balanced machine.

Where an option is listed on our system builds it is a sensible option which is where these comparisons matter as game performance and frame rates are affected by these scores.


CPUAverage CPU Mark Single Thread
Ryzen 5 3400G94362385
Ryzen 3 3100117772443
i5 10400F127652601
i5 10600KF149632938
i7 10700k196763086
i9 10900k242703178
The single thread mark shows the performance of a single processing thread if the software application is only using 1 thread (e.g. matters on some older games, which don’t use all the threads available)


GPUAverage G3D Mark
Vega 11 Integrated1893
GTX 1650 SUPER9825
GTX 1660 SUPER12697
RTX 2070 SUPER18127
RTX 307021543
RTX 3080 23892
RTX 3000 series data is new and should be regarded as estimated.

Data is from Passmark, and compiled 5/11/2020

If you follow the link you should be able to find your old CPU/GPU to compare.