Second Hand, Clearance and Refurbished Goods

Here we list some equipment we have rebuilt or have a severely reduced price as clearance items.

We don’t buy second hand items, everything here is from old stock or our recycling and rebuilding of donated items. Most rebuilt PCs are sold on the basis of the time and any new parts we’ve replaced or added. In many cases the rebuilt machine is faster than a low spec. new system (which we don’t sell).

HP Proslimline
Rebuilt with new drive, ex-corporate.

Rebuilt HP 2nd Gen i3.

Windows 10 pro, fully updated. i3- 2120 processor, 4GB RAM (2+2), New 120GB SSD. DVDRW, 3 Month Warranty

Nice cheap relatively fast Windows 10 desktop, speeded up from the original by the inclusion of a SSD.

As with most machines we sell, we can upgrade this machine with more storage and RAM for an additional fee.

£132 inc. VAT

Second Hand Dell Monitor

Dell E173 Second hand monitor, 17″ square 1280×1024. VGA only good as a second monitor.

Sorry currently sold out waiting on testing of equipment.

Icy Dock
Plug and Play Icy Dock Second Hand

Plug and Play IDE icy dock, For mounting a 40 pin IDE drive inside a case. New aluminium chassis, 40 Pin IDE and Molex PSU connector at back of caddy.- £3.00 (Inc VAT)

belkin adsl router
Belkin ADSL Router open box (unused)

Belkin ADSL Modem with wireless G router and wireless G USB network adapter – £9 (inc VAT)

S1102 server
SE1102 open

SE1102 Server (Second Hand) , 12GB RAM, Dual Xeon, 1U server. With 160GB, 1TB, 1TB and 320GB drives in caddies. £50+VAT=£60

Based on a DL160 G5 this was a mass produced data centre server. Its fairly powerful (for its time) but is noisy (especially on startup). Great as an experimental rig or running older software. We’ve installed mint 19.2 which runs well.