Support Packages

Do you want an IT expert looking after your IT equipment and managing security for you?

Fast and Easy Computers specialise in support packages for single users up to 30 user companies.

We will make disaster recovery plans, set up data storage and usage schemes with permission structures (so each user gets to see or use files relevant to them and not every file), set up and manage all your software, keep it updated and keep it secure.

We will help you comply with the laws which are in place relating to computer use and data security (GDPR, PERC, PCIDSS). Our aim is to make your business or personal use as trouble free and productive as possible.

Our support packages are listed below, feel free to download a pdf which lists each plans detail.

Pay as you go

Services available without contract:

  • Fully prepared new machines
  • On-site installations
  • Windows re-installations
  • Machine servicing and optimising
  • Wireless network setups
  • On-site broadband troubleshooting
  • Drop in repairs
  • Data recovery and transfers
  • Website/Domain issues resolution

Drop in inspection/small fixes from £30 inc VAT

Drop off, full machine servicing from £68 inc VAT

Consumer onsite visits from £60 inc VAT including the first hour.

Onsite Business Services from £60+VAT/hr (min 1 hr).

Remote Help Package

For individuals and small groups of users who need professional support to keep them safe and working efficiently.

  • Machine security patching
  • Machine error monitoring
  • Remote support via remote login
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Continuous software and hardware checks
  • Professional IT technicians on call
  • Anti-virus monitoring, professional security
  • Advice and guidance including on security and GDPR
  • Help with cloud services, such as Office365

Pricing for this package including Webroot Endpoint protection with DNS filtering to secure and make safe your internet use: £15+VAT per user per month (£18 inc VAT, or 60p a day).

Guaranteed Response Package

All the features of the Remote Help Package along with guaranteed onsite callout and professional IT planning, for businesses with groups of workstations or networked servers.

  • All the features of the Remote Help Package
  • Guaranteed on-site response by end of next business day
  • Free on-site visits of up to 2 hours annually
  • A yearly planning consultation to increase productivity and present new technologies.
  • Reduced rates for on-site time.
  • Support for network servers and active directory structures.
  • Emergency loan machines

Keeping complex systems running optimally requires planning and careful maintenance

Pricing from £60+VAT each month.

Priority Response Package

Our premium package for businesses that need their networks and systems running optimally with excellent response to problems or errors.

  • All the features of Guaranteed Response
  • On-site response within 4 business hours
  • Priority response in disaster situations
  • Named IT techs who know your systems.
  • Free on-site visits of up to 4 hours annually
  • Consultancy visits twice a year

This package offers a faster response, for more mission critical systems

While remote services can solve many problems, sometimes getting familiar support staff on-site is required.

When things go wrong and you need things fixing as soon as possible.

Pricing from £105+VAT each month.